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A little about Tancook…

Big Tancook Island is a community of about 125 year round residents. Our population grows to about 250 people during the Summer season, while during the colder months our population dwindles. We are home to one of the last remaining one room schoolhouses in Canada. Our residents primarily make their living through fishing (our primary catch is lobster), although we are also proud of our unique artistic community, which adds a certain dynamic vibrancy to our island.

The island itself is about 5 miles long and 3 miles wide. Visitors may be surprised to learn that our wildlife populations are limited to deer, muskrats, snakes, and pheasants. We are however, home to a great variety of birds.

The island was originally a summer fishing ground for native peoples. The word Tancook is Micmac and means facing the open sea. Our island was later settled by German immigrants. The industry at that time was mostly agricultural, and primarily consisted of cabbage farming. Tancook was at one time the leading producer of Sauerkraut in Canada. Only after the popularity of this industry diminished did we shift to fishing.

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