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The Ferry – Our Island’s Lifeline

I can still remember my very first trip to Tancook, it was with a combination of curiosity and excitement that I boarded the ferry for the very first time. It was fascinating to me that this boat transported anything and … Continue reading

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Ferry Facelift: The Ernst is having a little work done

Every Summer the Ernst goes away to have a facelift – we always miss it very much – the Scotian just isn’t the same … I even hear that it’s broken down today (not good when it’s the only way … Continue reading

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One Fine Day

I thought to myself as I rode home from a Marketing Committee Meeting on my 4 wheeler (my only concern being how muddy my notebook might get strapped to the back) – now this…this is the life. I arrived at … Continue reading

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Tancook in Winter: Snow Day!

There’s nothing much better than the smell of bacon cooking to wake you up on a Saturday morning – especially when you have big plans for a whole day spent in the freshly fallen snow. You see, on Tancook we … Continue reading

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Lobster Crawl: Lobstering has begun!

The South Shore’s lobster season began today – all our fisherman were off to set traps at 7am to mark the official start of the season. Most will haul their first catches tomorrow – here’s to hoping for lots of … Continue reading

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Lobster Crawl: The Season is About to Begin!

As temperatures fall, the winds come up and the seasons begin to change once again, everyone on Tancook settles in to the reality that lobster season is just around the corner. For the past few weeks our fisherman have been … Continue reading

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Summer has come to an end…but Fall has just begun!

It’s with a twinge of sadness that I write this note…with a chill in the air, the leaves starting to turn and my sudden inability to find a parking spot on campus, I realize that Fall is upon us. With … Continue reading

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The Thing about Tancook…

A note sent to me from one of my very favorite Tancook Moms… Reading over your introduction blog, Katherine, got me to thinking. Being a born and bred Tancooker, I sometimes take for granted the magic that Tancook Island holds. … Continue reading

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Rockbound – Ironbound – Island Bound

Rockbound – written by Frank Parker Day- was famously controversial upon its original release in 1928. The book was loosely based on the people of Ironbound, a smaller now mostly uninhabited fishing island just a few miles off Tancook. It … Continue reading

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